Using picnic tables to create an outdoor space

Using picnic tables to create an outdoor space

While indoor seated dining restrictions have eased and life is slowly starting to feel somewhat “normal” again, the feature of outdoor dining is more popular than ever. Not only are we moving into warmer days and nights, making it a pleasant setting to be in the open air, it is proven that outdoor socialising and activities are a safer option in our current COVID way of living, and a preferred choice for many people.

Adding picnic tables to your outdoor dining space is an easy and also instant way to increase your available seating capacity. We saw the need to provide a “ready to go” option to your outdoor dining spaces, as while a parklet is a fantastic addition to your venue, there is timeline of 6-8 weeks before you will see an installation, which is not feasible for some businesses. Picnic tables can be ordered today and dispatched tomorrow ready for patrons to enjoy by the coming weekend.

Picnic Table Outdoor Dining

After massive popularity last summer, we expanded our picnic table range to now include 3 sizes. With 6 seat, 8-10 seat and 10-12 seat options - there is a table to fit every space. Adding picnic tables to your venues outdoor space, whether it be 1 table, or 10, is a fast and functional way to increase your capacity. They provide an inviting space to relax, eat and drink, and can be safely spaced so you can be sure to adhere to any remaining guidelines.

Our picnic tables are built to be extremely solid & durable, the way an outdoor dining setting should be. The chairs are fully incorporated, and with a space for an umbrella, you have the option to offer some shade and coverage for your patrons – making it even more inviting to use.

In order to work out how many and what size picnic tables you need, all you need to do is measure your outdoor area and see which tables will fit best in that space. If you aren’t sure what you need, all you need to supply us with is your area measurements and we can help you figure out what works best, dependant on your specific wants and needs.

You can check out our available options listed here.

We are currently offering bulk purchase discounts which can be applied to your order by contacting us directly. You can save up to 15% off the marked price of 10 or more picnic tables, with immediate dispatch – but only for a limited time and while stock lasts. Enquire with us to find out more about these picnic table special deals.