Space Saving Outdoor Dining Options

Space Saving Outdoor Dining Options

Don't have much space? This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of outdoor dining. We have you covered with some outdoor dining options…



A parklet is a great way to provide your customers with an exclusive outdoor dining space or expand on your existing capacity with whatever footpath dining space you may already be utilising.

Expanding the footpath area onto the space which would usually be utilised as a carpark can more than double your existing area. It may not look like much, but even a single car space creates a huge impact once the parklet is installed.

The elements included in a parklet are going to vary depending on what your situation and goals may be. You may choose to include fixed furniture, umbrellas, bench seats, planter boxes, or you may already have furniture you would like to use so some fencing and decking is all you need to bring your parklet to life. The possibilities are endless, and there really is no right or wrong way to create your parklet. We are here to work with you to bring your specific needs to life.

Parklet fixed furniture



Fixed Furniture is a great option when it comes to space saving for two reasons.

Firstly, once you know the measurements of the outdoor space you have available, regardless what size the area is we will be able to plan and design the best layout to ensure maximum usage of that area. The furniture can be fitted to the decking of a parklet, or alternatively if the space you wish to use is on your premises, or the footpath (with council approval) it can be securely fit to the concrete.

Secondly, having your furniture securely installed removes the need to pack up and store your outdoor furniture at the end of trade, not to mention a time saver at the open and close of each day. Knowing you have the furniture and seating you require to be able to trade outdoors, and not having to compromise on the inside space of your premises with storing outdoor furniture is a huge win.

No matter the size of your outdoor dining area, fixed furniture can be installed to suit your needs and space.

 fixed furniture with planter boxes


While planter boxes are often used as a solid fencing system on our parklets, these can also be used to create an exclusive or separated dining experience if you are using your footpath or private premises. Including greenery in your installation will instantly add charm to the area and provide a point of difference.

We have planter boxes available in modular sizes and multiple finishes. If you have a specific requirement for your outdoor dining space, they can also be custom ordered and made to measure.



Installing a bench seat in your parklet, as seen in the below image, can provide the ability to have the best of both worlds. It means you have a constant place for people to sit outside on your parklet area, but also leaves room on that parklet to include your own removable furniture as per your venues needs. It means the space can be flexible, pushing together tables to create space for larger parties, or having multiple smaller tables set up.

If the space you have is quite limited, there is also the bench seat planter boxes. These provide seating and a point of interest for the front of your premises. They are small enough to fit neatly on the footpath and feel inviting for people to sit for a few minutes to enjoy their takeaway coffee or wait to pick up their order.

planter box bench seatparklet with bench seat








Picnic tables are a great way to utilise your outdoor dining space with little planning involved. Our picnic tables are ready to go and available in three sizes, meaning you can easily measure your space, and see which tables will fit best in that space – don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what you need we can help you figure out what works best, all we need are your area measurements.


If you’d like to know more about what we can bring to your outdoor dining setup, we have listed some options that may suit your business here.