Outdoor dining options to suit your business

Parklet with fixed furniture

With numerous options available it can be hard to know what is going to be the best solution to your outdoor dining needs. From a custom parklet, to a more instant setup like our picnic tables, there is something for every space and requirement.

Up until around 12 months ago, the term “parklet” was widely unknown within Australia. When lockdowns finally began to ease and outdoor dining became the popular alternative to being able to open hospitality venues sooner, parklets began popping up along our streets to provide comfortable and functional dining spaces.

 A parklet can be installed within the car spaces in front of your business or on the footpath area, depending on your local council requirements. A parklet is a great solution for those wanting to expand on existing, or without any onsite outdoor dining areas like courtyards, balconies or beer gardens. The opportunities really are endless when it come to a custom parklet, and while it does take some thought and planning, the benefits that come with installing a parklet for your business are well worth it.

planter boxes outdoor dining

Planter box fence sections are a great way to add character and greenery on your parklet. They create a sectioned space, and give the customer an enclosed, but welcoming area to sit, relax, and enjoy the experience of dining out.

Of course, you don’t need a parklet to achieve the benefits of planter boxes. They can be securely installed directly onto the footpath, to provide a fenced off area or even just to add some charm to your outdoor dining space.

Fixed outdoor furniture on a parklet  

As far as having a place to sit, you may opt to include fixed furniture in your parklet or outdoor dining space. This removes the burden of a daily setup, pack up and the need for storage of loose outdoor furniture pieces. Our fixed furniture is secured in place and spaced out with covid safe guidelines in consideration. With customisable options, we can help you with the layout of furniture to take advantage of the best setup for your parklet or outdoor dining space.


Offering shade and cover options within your outdoor dining area provides patrons with the ability to stay a little longer and feel welcomed all year round. All of our outdoor furniture can be manufactured to include space for an umbrella, of which we can also arrange for you. If you were wanting to go bigger, you may be interested in a branded marquee, or even the more permanent option of a pergola.

A timber pergola with canvas shade is a great way to provide a year-round comfortable outdoor dining space. Made to measure, the custom design will suit your particular space.

Pergola over outdoor dining area

After seeing huge popularity last season and bringing a “ready to go” option to your outdoor dining space, we have expanded our picnic table range to include 3 sizes. With 6 seat, 8-10 seat and 10-12 seat options - there is a table to fit every space. Adding picnic tables to your venues outdoor space, whether it be 1 table, or 10, is a fast and functional way to increase your capacity. They provide an inviting space to relax, eat and drink, and can be safely spaced so you can be sure to adhere to any required guidelines.

Our picnic tables are built to be extremely solid & durable, the way an outdoor dining setting should be. The chairs are fully incorporated, and with a space for an umbrella, a picnic table is the perfect addition to your parklet or outdoor dining area.

White picnic table

Whatever your outdoor dining needs may be, whether that be finding a way to seat an extra 10 or so people, or a full fit-out of your outdoor area, we can help you plan out the best use of your space and budget.

Get in touch and we can talk you through the process and get you that one step closer to the perfect outdoor dining setup for your venue!