How to create a parklet

How to create a parklet

As the weather warms up and more people start to enjoy their Christmas break, outdoor dining is becoming a huge attraction. It can seem really overwhelming to create an outdoor dining space, the process does have a few steps, but we are here to guide you through what to do.

Speak with council

The first step in creating a parklet is to speak with your council about whether you are able to build a parklet out the front of your venue, whether in the car park or on the footpath. Your local council will be able to inform you of the rules and regulations that apply to your space, and will issue an indicative permit. With this indicative permit you will be given all the details and conditions in which your parklet must be constructed. In this discussion your council will also instruct you whether traffic management and barriers are required.

Start a design

Once you have your indicative permit from your local council, we can help you plan the parklet that you want. Our team will talk through all the options available and what kind of finish you would like for your budget and vision. We have planter boxes, decking and furniture options to suit most budgets and styles.

Once we work through what you want your parklet to look like, we will finalise the design and quotation. We will complete a floor plan and other documentation that you will need to submit to your council for approval. We will work to the height restrictions that the council has informed you of, and also if your parklet is required to be set back off the street.


Send your floor plan to your council

Once we send through your floor plan with your design and quotation, you will be able to pass this on to your local council for approval. If there are further questions about the construction of the parklet, we can help you liaise with your local council until the parklet design is approved as per the permit that you have been issued.

If traffic management is required for your parklet your local council will organise for this to occur and will instruct you of when you can expect this to be completed. Once the barriers are in, we will come and measure the site to ensure that the floor plan we have created will be the same size as the barriers that were placed in front of your space.

Construction begins

Once all these steps are completed, we will begin building your parklet. Parklets are often built to very specific sizes so that they can fit into your space, so we build the components only after the approval from council and all traffic management barrier works have been completed.

Once built, we will organise a time with you to come and install your parklet. We prefer to do this at a time that is convenient for you, as well as ensuring that it is early enough that there is minimal traffic while we are working.

We can help you organise all the components to your parklet, like furniture and plants and place these items on your parklet as we finish constructing the parklet. At all stages, we are available to answer your questions and help you through the process.

If you are wanting a way to ensure you are serving the maximum amount of patrons this summer, a parklet is definitely the way to do that. 

To start planning your parklet, get in touch with us and we can create a design to suit your budget and style.